swisspro has implemented wide-ranging projects for well-known customers such as the AFG Arena St. Gallen and Grisons Cantonal Hospital (Kantonsspital Graubünden).


Our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. Here are five to tell you their story.


Das höchste Sitzungszimmer von Zürich im Kornhaus der Swissmill
Neben der Limmat ragt es in majestätische Höhe: Das neue Kornhaus der Swissmill ist mit 118 Metern das zweithöchste Gebäude von Zürich. Der grösste Kornhausspeicher der Welt versorgt jedes dritte in der Schweiz hergestellte Brot mit Getreide. Im obersten Stock befindet sich ein grosszügiges Sitzungszimmer.
«Swissmill und swisspro verbindet eine langjährige Partnerschaft. Das Team von swisspro ĂĽberzeugte uns auch beim Bau des Kornhauses vom Konzept bis hin zur Realisation durch seine Professionalität und umfassendes Know-how. Wir freuen uns auf das nächste gemeinsame Projekt.»
Romeo Sciaranetti, Geschäftsführer Swissmill

Emile Egger

LifeSize infrastructure
LifeSize Icon 600 systems have been spread out at Emile’s Egger with the objective to offer HD video communication between the main sites.
The solution is completed by a LifeSize UVC plate-form which was installed on virtual machines from the data Center.
The following application LifeSize UVC offers all the security that is necessary and multipoint conferences with the different suppliers and branches.
«swisspro has completely mastered a quick installation of the videoconference system, even though our security infrastructure is very binding. The collaboration with our teams was optimal.»
Raphael Tagliani - Head of IT


Unified, extensible communications platform for three merging hospitals
The three hospitals Fontanaspital, Kantonsspital and Kreuzspital have merged their operations to form Grisons Cantonal Hospital (Kantonsspital GraubĂĽnden). They needed to harmonise and simplify their management of voice and data communications. Swisspro helped with designing the concept, and took responsibility for the installation.
«The key themes for the project were to ensure protection of the investment, guaranteeing high systems availability and implementing the new communications concept without interrupting hospital operation. We achieved our objective with swisspro as our partner.
Swisspro approached the concept and planning with complete openness. During the installation, we experienced the discipline that swisspro brings to the task. It was a collaboration that was clearly oriented on providing us with a solution.
We will continue to work with swisspro in the future.»
Adrian Ammann, Technical Systems Manager, Grisons Cantonal Hospital


Implementation of a complete workplace ICT solution
The platform that swisspro developed unified the latest voice, data and video applications in a single, IP-based system. It meets the highest standards for security and availability.
«We rely on the highest quality ICT infrastructure to ensure we will continue to respond to the demanding nature of our business, operating with utmost efficiency and offering high-quality services to our customers. In swisspro, we have found the partner of our dreams. The organisation’s expertise, commitment and experience never fail to impress us every time.»
Dieter Göldi, BZ Bank business management


Installation of virtualised communications and security infrastructure
When an event is staged in a stadium, a range of services like media, catering and security all turn up with different communication requirements. Each user group has to access the services it needs at all times, with personalised access rights.
«Our very detailed demands in terms of security, flexibility and availability were clearly met and the reason for our selection of the comprehensive solution from swisspro.»
Peter Schafferer, CEO of Pitcom GmbH, AFG Arena ICT Planning


Completely new technology for the leisure and ski resort at Fideriser Heuberge
The IT systems at the resort’s hotels and restaurants, 2000 metres up in the Alps, have been completely modernised. Swisspro installed the electrical and IT infrastructure, from the mains sockets to the cloud, with cabling in all buildings, telephony, servers, clients, video and WLAN.
«The collaboration was faultless. The best thing was not having to talk to several different firms. I simply agreed everything with the swisspro project manager appointed to us; it didn’t matter if it was just an additional power socket or even moving a computer client in one of the guesthouses.
Thanks to the new technology and the swisspro customer service, we have much less stress and fewer sleepless nights!»
Henrik Vetsch, CEO of Heuberge AG